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Developing a positive, supportive, and strengths-based relationship with my clients is central to my therapeutic approach. I believe that we, as humans, have an innate capacity for health and growth and that we often need to learn how to identify and work with our thoughts and emotions so that the process of healing can occur. One of my fundamental goals as a psychotherapist is to assist my clients to live more authentically and align their choices and lifestyle with their predispositions, core values, interests, and needs. I collaborate with my clients to develop relevant and meaningful therapeutic goals, as I support and challenge them to work steadily toward achieving them. I value the diversity of human experience and consider the cultural context in which clients are embedded to be an important emphasis in therapeutic work. 

My main theoretical orientation is focused on humanistic-existential psychology which involves an inherent trust in each client and the belief that dedicating one's time to, and cultivating a space for, genuine self-exploration leads to increased self-awareness, clarification of values and needs, and a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in one's life. Additionally, I utilize knowledge regarding the role that attachment style plays in creating and maintaining suffering, while also employing Interpersonal, Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotion-Focused, and Mindfulness-based interventions.

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